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Why hire a pro?

Why hire a professional face painter? 


There is great value in hiring a professional – they carry their own insurance, have a significant investment in professional materials to offer a wide range of design choices, have spent considerable time perfecting their craft and have been trained in proper health, safety and hygiene practices. I know from experience the “wow” factor really elevates your event when seeing professionally painted faces walking about versus ones done by volunteers (although there is no "bad" face painting!) and shows your commitment to providing a fabulous event. Many event organizers say the comments and feedback they get with having a professional face painter are well worth the cost.


Some words of advice should you choose a non-pro painter: Please make sure your painter is using professional hypo-allergenic non-toxic make-up specifically designed for face and body. It's not cheap but worth the expense. Allergic reactions are very common and unpleasant with cheaper party supply type make up found at dollar stores and could possibly open you up to liability issues.


Please make sure you are informed about proper health and safety practices. Hygiene is very important as it is easy to inadvertently spread viral and bacterial infections if proper care is not taken. I would suggest you purchase enough applicators (sponges etc) for single use. For event organizers, volunteers are unpaid employees in your charge, your volunteers should be aware of safe practices and know what to do if someone has a reaction. 


Or relieve yourself of the worry and hire a pro!


Call or email for a quote today. Fluffy Feet is flexible and would like to work with you within your budget.







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